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SOULREST appeared in 1996 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine.

In the beginning, the band consisted of Doni (drums), Lemi (guitar, vocals) and Yasya (guitar). They prepared their first Demo, which contained compositions written mainly by Lemi. But after some discords Lemi left the band. In the end of 1996 Dyma (keyboards) and Carcass (vocals) joined the band. In November 1996, this new staff recorded three compositions: "Pathological Processes", "This is my life", and "Perpetual decay".

In the beginning of 1997 Igor, the second guitarist, enters the band, and 5 new songs were recorded with him in April, 1997. At the end spring, 1997, Soulrest released the Demo "Pathological Processes", consisting of 8 compositions (40 min). Releasing the Demo, SOULREST taken part in many concerts and becomes the leading band in Transcarpathia. At the end of 1997, Carcass leaves the band, and Kasym becomes a new vocalist. With this staff, Soulrest had a concert in Slovakia on the Open Air festival. After a number concerts in Transcarpathia Kasym left the band and SOULREST continued to play without vocalist. In 1999 Doni left the band and the new members of SOULREST became Laci (bass) and Tibi (drums). The second album, "Sentenced To Suicide" was released in December 2001 with their participation.


Name: Ivan Peresh
Nickname: Yasya
Born: 31.08.1976
Plays: guitar, drums
Favourite bands: Sodom, Pestilence, Sadist, Carcass, Sentenced, Death, Morbid Angel, ...
Drinks: beer

Yasya has always been a member of SOULREST. Several years ago he used to play in a band called PENTAGRAM. They made a single which was never released.


Name: Igor Povkh
Nickname: Black
Born: 26.11.1967
Plays: guitar
Favourite bands: Pestilence, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Accept
Drinks: beer

Igor has been a member of SOULREST since 1997. Before that he used to play in a band called DEATHORDER.


Name: Dyma Loshak
Nickname: Old
Born: 27.02.1964
Plays: keyboards
Favourite music: Motzart, Bach, Pestilence
Drinks: vodka

Dyma has been playing in SOULREST since 1996.


Name: Vasya Pekar
Nickname: Laci
Born: 13.09.1976
Plays: bass, vocal
Favourite bands: Death, Cynic, Pestilence
Drinks: vodka

Laci has been a member of SOULREST since 1999. He also plays bass in a band called BOMBA.


Name: Tiberius Papp
Nickname: Tibi
Born: 01.05.1979
Plays: drums, guitar
Favourite bands: Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Pestilence, Kreator
Drinks: water

Tibi has been a member of SOULREST since 1999. He is also a drummer of a band called BOMBA.


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